Five on Friday

This week nearly “killed” me. Nothing was particularly terrible, it was more of a feeling of must get this and this and that done and then this; never ending to-do lists; looming deadlines; boss in town; getting ready for some upcoming travel; big-kid bed sleep training or should we call it deprivation; day care drop-offs and pick-ups (Because we’ve transitioned to 5-days a week day care, which I know was necessary and good for Kiki but terrible for me), and not nearly enough hours in the day to do it all or at least the way I would like to get it done. C’est la vie… must accept that there is only time for those things that I really want to get done!

So in the “terror” of not getting it done, somehow I still had time to browse the internet, read, watch, relax and find these “fascinating” five items. OK maybe not fascinating, but at least interesting enough to make the cut for “Five on Friday”….because we all know I always have a lot to say than five things…

1. Kitchen Hacks – I absolutely must use these!!!!

2. To all of my mamma friends – simple but yet so eye opening read! or maybe just a reminder.

3. What a BRILLIANT Friday dinner ritual.

4. Have you see the “Gone Girl” trailer? I’m so excited, can not wait!!!

5. Are you addicted to your smartphone? Without even looking at the results I know I am, but I am not really bothered by that notion. Are you?

Bonus: I read this quote last night and I couldn’t stop thinking about multifaceted ways that it spoke to me….

“…To know someone is to know how they eat; food is the best, most universal way to tell a story without words.”

 – Marcus Samuelsson

Happy Friday!!!! Hope it’s filled with delicious eats!

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