Food from the Past

You know how certain music brings back moments from the past, foods bring on memories, and those memories usually have something to do with your mom’s cooking, well for me just last night Girls’ Scout Cookie Ice-Cream – Samoas – took me right back to the sophomore year of college and Tuesday nights 8pm on CW. One bite of an icon of American culture – the girls’ scout cookie was so powerful that I jumped of my couch and went and purchased the first season of FELICITY, the icon of my college years. I have been out of college for some time now, well, more than some time now, but one bite of this little, but yet so rich cookie took me right back to the time of simplicity, when I was completely carefree and didn’t worry about anything, but lived my life fully and happily and didn’t care about anything but that moment in time. A bite of a cookie or TV show is all that it takes in this time and age of constant worries that life needs to be enjoyed and savored, every minute of it…enjoy the cookies, enjoy life, it can be very sweet, if you let yourself savour the moment


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