I have discovered the “young” version of Food Network – Food2, and I am loving it. I can really relate to it, and yes, I know, I don’t cook, but I can totally relate and chef will love the recipes…In a nut shell, according to FOOD2, this is what they are about (it reminds me a little of FOODBUZZ, but I could be wrong). “…Food2 scours the planet as well as local fast food drive-ins for the tastiest, seductive, most shocking and satisfying bites in the world of food and drink.Along with an outspoken, eclectic slate of food bloggers, Food2 mixes up cocktails, beer & wine, foodie challenges, recipes, how to’s, food porn and pop culture with a bunch of other elements we aren’t at liberty to discuss.They’ll be thrown in a blender with a shot of wasabi and served chilled, in a highball glass on the rocks.All you need is a Facebook account to get started (ok, you don’t need even that but it helps if you want to comment or contribute).Click on the Facebook icon at the top of the Food2 home page to start.If you’re craving more, follow us on Twitter or check out Food2 on Facebook.Go 2 Food2 here.”My favorite part of the website is TOP far I have learned how to properly clean the grill (mind you I don’t even know how to use our grill) and how to make pita chips (chef, if you are reading this, get ready, I am bringing the instructions home with me tonight).I was just talking with a friend about the social media and food blogs, and this is the perfect example of how we are connecting with so many different people and becoming stars of our own kitchens/blogs, in my case…star of eating, but still. How did I live without the social media before??? Go check it out, I bet you will love it…


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  • Jen
    May 7, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Thanks for the scoop! I’m going to check out the site now.


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