For the Love of Running – November Challenge

I have lost my running mojo. Ever since Kiki/baby A/Mili-Mali [yes, she has a lot of nicknames] was born, I can’t seem to get back into running. I think of it as a chore, something I have to do, not something I want to do and enjoy and it really bothers me.
I’ve been reading a lot of running blogs, Running Magazine, Pinterest quotes, anything and everything to get me inspired, but nothing changes. I tie my shoes and instead I go for a walk. Usually taking Kiki with me as she loves our walks too…
So what gives? Is it the mother’s guilt of trying to spend all the waking hours with her, is it that I was never a true runner before, but used is a weight loss tool, or is it the fear that I am not a runner I used to be.
In attempt to gain motivation and find the lost love of running, we recently purchased the super-dooper BOB stroller for all of our outdoor activities and so far I am loving it. I even ran with it twice. OK, I jogged, but that counts, right!?! I also got a new pair of sneakers. So with all this NEW, will my love for running return? Stick around and you shall find out… or better yet, join me in this month’s challenge “November on the Move”. Do whatever you like, but just keep moving!
My Goal: As long as I am moving, regardless if it is running or walking, moving is all that matters!

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