Friday Five [plus some]

Happy Friday Friends! Actually Happy Friday the 13th!
May this Friday be lucky for you…I hope the bird that pooped all over my car
this morning while sitting at the red light means good luck for me! I need it!

Let’s see what’s happening…well, Kiki ,
the Sous-Chef and I are in search of a new home. We still don’t know
where we are going, but we are both excited for a prospect of a new start
somewhere with a lot of light and space for all of Kiki’s toys…those were the
only two requirements that Kiki has for our home. Hope I can find that home,
soon… So looking for a new home is all I can think about right now, and
in the meantime, the best thing I can do is carry on as if everything is just
like regular scheduling.

So to start off this weekend, here are a few things
that I have been trying to occupy my mind with:

1. 10 Signs you’re living with a Threenager.
Number 10 is especially true with us! She’s destined to be a negotiator!

2. I really want to, need to, change my daily routine – need to become
an early riser… hope these 8 tricks might help in getting up earlier.

3. Speaking of waking up early….the 5 stages of waking up on a Monday morning.

4. Another convincing case against multitasking.

5. 10 foods that boost your brainpower.

6. I am so guilty of this.

7. This should be part of my everyday uniform.
It would require no explanations!

I am having a love affair with citrus, especially blood oranges.
Kiki and I can’t get enough of them.

Blood Oranges

[photo credit]

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

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