From Hockey to BLT

How does a girl go from having cheese fries and beer at the hockey game to steak and wine… I guess life doesn’t always happen according to plan. I was really looking forward to going to the hockey game, but plans changed, so instead I met a friend for BLT Steakhouse’s anniversary dinner and enjoyed some girl talk. At the end of the day, it was exactly what I needed.On March 3rd, which just happens to be today, BLT Steak restaurants around the country are offering a special dining deal in honor of the restaurant’s anniversary. The first BLT Steakhouse opened in Manhattan on 3/3/04 and since than it has become BLT’s tradition to charge $33.04 for certain steak entrees, Dover Sole, and blackboard specials and only $3.03 for desserts and cocktails. Not a bad deal at all.When I arrived to the restaurant, my friend was still looking for parking (after all, the Betsy Hotel is on Ocean Drive) I was seated in the “waiting” area that reminded me very much of a hotel lobby. There were people with suitcases everywhere. It seemed so odd that people would be bringing suitcases to the restaurant, but when we were taken to our table, I realized the restaurant was located in the lobby of the hotel. It certainly wasn’t my favorite set-up, but somehow it must work for the hotel patrons….owners…. Me, not so much.But if you turned your back to the hotel reception area, the restaurant was beautiful. It was decorated in earthy tones, mixed in with dark chocolate brown and black with little hints of green, aka cactus on the table. The lighting was very dimmed, tiny candles lit at each table, hence the pictures are so dark and you can barely tell what’s on the pictures. My favorite part of the decor was the large blackboard that covered the whole wall with descriptions of various types of beef. Of course the child in me had to see if the writing was a real chalk or paint…it was a chalk, I erased a letter “a”…oopsAs soon as we were seated, our server brought a plate with delicious bread with chicken pate and pickled salad drizzled with olive oil. Within mere minutes, he brought us puffs…oh my, those were delicious. They were very eggy, but once you put a little bit of salt, they were delicious. We both ordered the house signature cocktail that was a tad too sweet for me, perhaps better as a dessert. I don’t remember the actual name but it consisted of vodka, pomegranate juice and pear pure. As I was enjoying the pate and puffs, Jen was having a foodgasm over the dessert – strawwbery tart. To quote Jen – “AAhh, it’s heaven on a plate”. The simple pleasures in life is what counts. Since this was a special anniversary night, the restaurant offered a special menu/prices and all items with little cows next to them were on a special. Compared to their regular menu, pretty much everything was part of the anniversary pricing with the exception of the appetizers.Just two days ago, both Jen and I had steak so we decided to share the 12 oz. filet and for the sides, we ordered grilled asparagus, creamed spinach, parmesan gnocci and potato gratin. We really wanted the mac and cheese, but they were sold out of it…so dissapointing as I read about it, but I guess that tells you how delicious it must have been.The winners of the night – chicken liver pate and creamed spinach. The pate had a sweet taste with hints of peper and the combined with tangy flavors of the pickled salad was amazing. I could have easily continued eating it for the rest of the night. The creamed spinach ….well, only my mom makes it like that. If I am not mistaken it was steamed spinach mixed with a lot, and I mean a lot of heavy cream. It instantly made me miss my mom and days when I would get back from school and sit in the kitchen telling her all about my day and licking the bowl of creamed spinach she would have waiting for me. โ€‹So overall, our dinner was fine. It was not Red, the Steakhouse nor Craft. Nothing earthshattering. But I will be back to check-out the brunch menu – it has gotten some good reviews. Perhaps, I’ve been to one too many steakhouses lately and it’s time to change the scenery. **Appologies for the bad pictures, but I forgot my real camera, so iPhone had to suffice.BLT Steak Miami1440 Ocean DriveMiami Beach, Fl305-673-0044


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