Frothy, creamy home made latte

I made the best frothy, creamy non-fat latte on Saturday. Starbucks latte can’t even compare to this creation! To make it more special, I added a little bit of cocoa – yum! I was in a latte heaven. It was a busy Saturday. I had a list of things to get done, so we got on a road and ate out all day – lunch and dinner. I prefer eating at least one of those meals at home, but Saturday was not a good day for it. So lunch was Einstein Bros. I had a Deli Sandwich with chicken salad on a sesame bagel with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with a side of sun chips – I told you I am craving salty foods. On a such a warm day, it was a really refreshing sandwich. As you can tell I was really hungry, as I nee had a chance to snap a picture, not even with my iPhone.A few errands later, we ended up having dinner with our friends at the Stir Crazy. I have never eaten there before, but it reminded me of PF Changs.I had sesame chicken – tender pieces of crispy chicken tossed with sesame seeds in a sweet mango sauce, rice, red peppers and scallions. I was so excited to eat this, but it was so disappointing. The chicken and rice were really dry and even some extra mango sauce couldn’t save my meal. Everyone else at our table liked their meal, so I may have to go back and try something else. Once again, I completely forgot about taking a photo of my meal, but this one wasn’t even worth it.The sous-chef was busy all day with some back yard activities – lizards and squirrels were torturing her – doesn’t she just look adorable 🙂

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