Fun Friday

Today was another crazy day that started before the sun came up. I worked on some more emails, and it seems as though they are never ending, got Kiki and myself ready for the day, ran some errands, looked for office space, went to some meetings, had a lovely lunch at a new pizza place in Design District and finally found my way home.

As per usual, the girls [Kiki, sous-chef and me;)] went for a nightly walk that was chillier than usual. I must say I am loving this Florida “fall” weather. By far it’s my favorite time of the year. The only thing that I am struggling with is how to dress Kiki. Everything I read says always dress babies one layer more than yourself but every time I do that she is sweating like crazy, but her little hands and feet are freezing. I am at a loss. I guess this falls under those new parent dilemma… HELP!!!

One of the highlights of the crazy but fun Friday was having lunch at a new pizza place in Design District – Harry’s owned by Michael of Michael’s Genuine. Perhaps it’s just new to me. The menu was so simple with only a few dishes, appetizers, and a small wine list. We had the real Italian thin margherita pizza and polenta fries. Oh wow – I am in love with those fries. They were lightly fried with chunky pieces of sea salt with home made ketchup/salsa. I could have just had those and a small salad. I think the next time I will. If you find your self at Harry’s, you should definitely order the polenta fries.

Since Kiki and the sous-chef are already in bed, I think I will call it a day. It was a crazy busy but fun Friday. I finally finished the “Girls in Trucks” book, and it’s time to pick a new one. But since the “Girls in Trucks” was disappointing I really need something good this time. I am sure my personal library will deliver;)

Have a great weekend….but make sure you check back with us, more fun times are in store for the FFG ladies….


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