Getting back ME time

As soon as after Kiki was born I created a plan in my head how to get back into shape. I kept saying “It took me 10 months to gain it, I will take 10 months to take it off”.  Well somehow we are at 15 months later and I am still struggling with the last 10lbs and soft spots. I know a body changes and never goes back to what it used to be, but at the same time I know I want to go back of feeling good in my own skin. I’ve been trying to get back into the mind set where exercise is priority but I can’t seem to get there. There are days I schedule it in my day and do it with ease and than there are days when I find every possible excuse why not to exercise. 

Right after I was cleared to exercise by my doctor I bought Tracy Anderson’s* post pregnancy workout. I guess I was looking for a miracle, and I should have known better. The first time I did the workout, nothing felt good, everything hurt and I got upset with the whole DVD and what I should be able to do, so after the first try I gave up. 

13 months later, I pulled out the DVD and tried it again and this time around it felt great. I actually broke some sweat. It was challenging without being strenuous. The bulk of the workout is abs. It is all tough but doable. Various crunches followed by some weighted moves. I felt every muscle in my body and what I look forward to the most is continuing with it 4-5 times a week and than seeing results. And if results are anything like Tracy’s, I will be very happy πŸ˜‰ 

The DVD is only about 35-40 minutes and I know I can spare that kind of time especially since I don’t need to go anywhere and I am hoping to include some cardio twice a week. This will have to become my ME time. 

After my little work out session I had dinner. The chef made chicken and mixed vegetable rice burritos.  The recipe was inspired by Cooking Light’s Vegetable and Rice Burritos with Quesadilla Cheese, but he added some protein [chicken] and avocado and since we were out of mushrooms and zucchini, it was sauteed onions/peppers/corn/black beans burrito. 

I also made a little side salad, more for the photo than for the taste, but it was nice and refreshing. My burrito was a bit on a dry side, and when I said that to the chef he asked whether I added cheese and sour cream – duhhhhh!!!! I totally forgot, no wonder if was dry!!!! There is plenty left for tomorrow’s lunch and I am sure to include cheese and sour cream, or actually in this case I will substitute sour cream with greek yogurt. 

SInce the night has gotten away from me it’s time for bed…a few birthday gifts to wrap and prepare my coffee for tomorrow morning and than I am off to dream land – 6:30am will be here before I know it.

* This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this DVD with my own money for my own pleasure/torture. Tracy Anderson or the production company does not who I am not do they care. 


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