Glowing on the Inside

I don’t understand women that say they love being pregnant. With the exception of actually looking forward to meeting Mili-Mali and starting a new chapter of our lives, being pregnant is exhausting and unflattering. And I certainly don’t feel as though I am glowing – I must be glowing on the inside.I have not been able to eat the foods I love the most – dried meats, cheeses, shellfish, drink wine, etc. But most of all shopping for clothes has been painful – nothing fits right and the maternity clothing is just plain AWFUL.So besides meeting Mili-Mali in a few weeks (hopefully sooner than later) I am really looking forward to getting back in shape and shopping for what I call the “real people” clothing. The pregnancy must be coming to an end as I am starting to look at the “real people” clothing and building my wish list. Since it feels like summer these days in South Florida, I am really feeling the outfit below. Oh Tory Burch, how I miss you!!!


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