Green Monster

I have joined the Green Monster movement. I have been reading about it for so long on all the foodie blogs (Angie, Bobby, Jenna, Kath) that it was time for me to finally try it. With certainty I can say, the addiction has been born. It’s a miracle energy drink. I have only been making/drinking it now for a few days and I already feel a difference in energy levels, skin glow and most importantly, it’s perfect in keeping me full in the mornings.I haven’t been experimenting too much with the mixture, as I have been playing it safe to make sure that I like it, but I am sure with time I will get more adventures.So my green monster version includes following:1 cup of spinach1/2 cup of almond milk1/2 banana4 large strawberries1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter2 scoops of AMAZING GRASS1 cup of iceAll mixed and blended, it’s an amazing breakfast. I love drinking it after a good work-out and even more, on my way to work as it wakes me up and leaves me energized for whatever day will bring. Most importantly, it sets the tone for my meal choices for the rest of the day – got to love that.I even had chef try it and he was making faces at me, but secretly, I think he liked it. With time, I am sure he will change his mind and will be asking for his own glass…as a matter of fact many things that he likes today, started off the same way – espresso, sushi, mushrooms, etc. so why not the green monster…time will tell.So join me and try the green monster, you will love it, I promise you…

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