Halloween Cancelled


Happy Halloween! Hope it was a good one, as the Faux Foodie Halloween got cancelled. All the excitement and preparations and Kiki woke up sick today. I should have known the last four nights of her poor sleep were an indicator an illness was coming. She woke up this morning with a runny nose, cough, watery eyes, butt rash…and from there the day just got worst for her, wheezing, crankiness, no nap, no appetite. So with all of this going on, I thought it would be wise to keep her home and skip the Halloween party. I have to say I was very sad. So instead of going Trick or Treating, we stayed home and welcomed a few Trick or Treaters and gave out candy. Kiki wasn’t very impressed with all the costumes. She was more into taking candy out of the bowl and putting it back in, and again, and again and than we turned off the lights and said “nite, nite”. She is currently asleep, and I am hoping for a better night tonight, we both need it. We will probably have the dress up Halloween tomorrow or this weekend, I have to get some pictures of my baby girl dressed as a lady bug.

Tonight’s dinner – leftovers…and mini (many) Twix bars. My leftovers were kind of a preview of the Thanksgiving dinner – a lots of side dishes – oven roasted brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, carrots and pistachios with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and some red paprika.  I am still licking my fingers – yum.

Q: How was you Halloween? Did you dress up?

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