Happy Anniversary

Can you believe today is our 11th wedding anniversary!?! Crazy, right? To think that we have been together for 14 years is even crazier – time sure does fly by. So you are probably thinking today was all about celebrations, flowers, cards and gifts, well….life got in a way. 

I woke up with a headache, earache and sore throat. The chef had to work. I got irritated by my work, or more specifically with certain people from my work. Kiki didn’t feel like napping, and somehow we didn’t do anything we planned on doing. 

But I’ll tell you this much – there were flowers, favorite breakfast, home cooked meal of my choice and a glass of very nice Albariño.  

So let’s talk food…. The chef sneaked out and bought fresh croissants and made egg sandwiches. He also added some colby jack cheese, fresh juicy tomatoes and crunchy spinach. I am convinced the tomatoes is what makes this sandwich the most delicious breakfast and yet so fulfilling. 

Dinner – my favorite, chef’s…not so much. And you could probably guess why – baked salmon! But it was so good – finger licking good. He made baked terryaki wild alaskan salmon, sauteed mushrooms and baked fingerlin Peruvian potatoes. The purple ones were my favorite. I wish salmon would make a more frequent appearance on our menu.  I think the chef makes a great salmon, but for some reason he is not a fan. Dessert – strawberries – simple, sweet and delicious.

We are off to watch Hatfields and Mccoys. I can’t believe I’m actually into this show, but I am really enjoying it.


  • Eleanor Hoh
    June 3, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Happy Anniversary Jelena and many more to come! Salmon looks tremendous


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