Happy Birthday Month to ME!!!!

Do you know what today is? No, not April Fools Day, but today marks the first day of my birthday month. Yes, you read it right – birthday month. If you know me or have been reading this blog, you know I celebrate my birthday all month long. There is nothing wrong with a little celebration!!! So in honor of my birthday I bought these beautiful tulips and can’t wait for them to open up tomorrow.I worked from home today and it was glorious. I sat down, wrote my to do list and completed it all. There is no better feeling than satisfaction of crossing items off my list – bam, bam, bam. I started my day with a bowl of granola , topped with berries – the last of my COSTCO berries, a spoon of honey peanut butter, and coconut.As always I let it sit a bit so it can get soggy and enjoyed every bite of it. I know the chef things this is odd and I am sure there are others who share his opinion, but I love my granola soggy, actually I like all my cereal a bit soggy. This is not a particularly sweet granola, but the coconut definitely makes it sweet.My new bowl from Home Goods – so simple, but so perfect. I love how deep it is and how easily you can scoop anything out of it. Yes, I am in love.I love my morning cup of joe/espresso, but I didn’t feel like leaving the house, plus I was on a roll crossing items off my work TO DO LIST, so I made some at home. I must say, it was delicious. To make it extra special, I added some cocoa – yum. This better not become a habit or I’ll be in trouble. Maybe I can make it my special Friday only drink!The froth was fantastic!!! I did a great job – baristas watch out ๐Ÿ˜‰We are participating in the Cupcake Wars competition tomorrow and today was my practice day. I was so proud of the perfect cupcakes I made, but they were not chef approved. He says they weren’t sweet. Well, they were missing the frosting and the shaved chocolate. I will be adding that tomorrow.This is what they will look like – tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I am ready.My sous-chef was helping out as usual. I am not sure if she was concerned that I was in the kitchen all alone or she knew there would be food everywhere… but she seemed to be happy assisting me in the kitchen.I did have lunch, but it’s really not worthy of the photo – cold leftover pizza…though I love cold pizza, it looks terrible in the photos. But dinner, well that was totally photo worthy. I found a recipe while getting a manicure/pedicure this afternoon in the “Women’s Health” magazine – called “Foods for the Flat Belly”… I know, I know, kind of ironic for me to be eating something called flat belly, but it was great and I had all the ingredients.Ingredients:3 oz light tuna packed in water (I substituted chicken for it)1/3 cup cannellini beans1/4 cup diced tomatoes1/4 cup diced peppersbead of spinach1/4 cup diced red onions 1 tsp fresh parsley2 tsp olive oil2 tsp vinegarpinch of saltIt was really good – very filling and perfect for summer…. With that my lovelies, I leave you to enjoy your Friday night, bed is calling my name. I am off to dream about my birthday month – it is looking to be a very exciting one- 34 days till Mili-Mali’s arrival or hopefully even sooner.

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