Happy Halloween

Today we celebrated Baby A’s 1st Halloween! She was the cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch… She got to wear her costume for a little awhile, but since she looked so cute in it, I am tempted to dress her up again on a sunny day and take some more pictures!!! Yes, I am becoming one of those crazy moms.

 Despite the awful weather that we have been having, we went trick or treating. Truthfully, we went to my friend C’s house, took pictures of kids in costumes and ate some good food!!!! And despite the great Halloween spread she put together and my camera in hand at all times, the only pictures that I walked away with were of this little pumpkin. But trust me when I say it, the turkey burgers she made were amazing – juicy and flavorful. I did pass by her in the kitchen when she was drizzling something over them, but I forgot to ask her what it was. C – if you are reading this, tell us your secret!!!!Since C is such a great hostess, there was great candy, great cookies and delicious cake that I had to indulge in; after all it is Halloween!!!! 

After pictures and dinner were over, we walked for a bit and than drove home, so it was Baby A’s bed time. Our little pumpkin must have been so tired as she fell asleep before we even left their neighborhood. 

How was your Halloween? Did you get a lot of candy?
P.S. Yes, today was supposed to be a Meatless Monday, but knowing that C is a great cook, we couldn’t have said no – and it was totally worth it. So instead, we are having a Meatless Tuesday. 

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