Happy Weekend

 Hope everyone had a great week…mine had a lot of ups and a few downs, but before I get into the details, I wanted to wish you a happy weekend filled with lots of sunshine, good times, hugs and  giggles!

+ Most importantly I celebrated my birthday this week. I used to celebrate all month long, but somehow with a busy month of April and traveling to New York and Italy and planning Kiki’s birthday party, I forgot my birthday was coming up. Let’s just say that I made up for it with a party till the wee hours!

+ The down of the week…I don’t know how to say it with no tears streaming down my face…my grandma passed away. She hasn’t been feeling good for the last few weeks, and my mom tells me the only thing she would say is ask for me…and then on Tuesday, she kept saying “I don’t want to die today on her birthday”…argh it just breaks my heart. 

+ So Kiki and I are on our way to Croatia…there is no other place where I would rather be than with my family. 

+ I happen to look over my calendar for May, and it looks like I will be in SFL for only 9 days in May… I will be crossing an ocean, traveling to two countries and three states. Thankfully I will have Kiki with me for most of the travel…crazy month, I must say, and I already look forward to sleeping in my own bed. 

+ But before this craziness of travel and suitcase living begins, I am hoping to squeeze in some relaxation, time in the sun, napping outside on my day bed, and reading. That’s only if I get all my other stuff done, i.e. Kiki’s birthday party, packing, and gift buying. Time to put my Superwoman cape on!!!

+ Totally unrelated to today’s post, but it got me thinking about my mom… I am completely smitten with this Ferragamo campaign to celebrate 35 years of L’Icona shoe…This shoe always reminds me of my mom – this is her signature shoe and who would have thought now I wear them too… Oh yes, i am turning into my mom 🙂

{full video}

+ Oh and if things weren’t interesting already, both Kiki and I are sick, and I am talking antibiotics sick. I just hope we both get better before we board that plane. 

Since Kiki is spending this weekend with her dad, I am off to take care of my to-do list so I can bask in the sun!!! Even my horoscope for today says I should “take it easy, spend time with loved ones, catch up on my sleep or reading” – who am I not to listen 😉

Happy Weekend!!!! 

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  • Kat
    May 5, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Happy birthday. And I am so so so sorry about your grandmother. Do you travel for work? May sounds stressful!


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