hey there pretty….

Gosh do I love Saturdays! Especially Saturday mornings, they are my favorite – waking up slowly, cuddling in bed, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Chuggington, and thinking of breakfast – pancakes, fresh fruit and non-fat latte. Yum!
Today we are planning on a girls’ day out – shopping, lunching and walking at the beach. We might squeeze some playing in the park, too. 
I am also planning on doing some de-cluttering, re-organizing and cleaning, but that will be happening once my little princess goes to bed. It seems as though lately that’s when I get all my work done. It’s amazing how much I can get done once she is asleep – the power of naps and bed time!
And now, I am off to bed because tomorrow is a big day and a lot to look forward to! Of course, the shopping tomorrow will be extra special, it’s the birthday shopping time!!!!!! All I can say, OH BOY!!!!!
Have a great Saturday!

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