High-protein feast

My chef is back home and tonight he cooked an amazing high-protein feast. During his trip, he read Mens Fitness magazine and found chef Curtis Stone’s recipe from his most recent book, “Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone.” Most of our dinners involve protein, veggies and carbs, but tonight’s recipe called for protein and veggies only. He made pan fried tilapia and black bean cilantro chili salsa. At first, I thought the meal would be incomplete without the starch. However, I found it to be filling, refreshing and healthy. Of course, I had a glass of pinot gris (I threw away the bottle…sorry, no name), and it was a delightful match. INGREDIENTS4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil1 small red onion, diced2 small bell peppers, seeded and diced1 garlic clove1 15oz can black beans, drained and rinsed1/2 cup of white wine2 tbsp chopped fresh parsleysalt to tastefreshly ground black pepper4 6oz tilapia filletsI assisted chef by setting up the table and sipping my wine;) The whole meal took about 20 minutes and chef said it was one of the easiest meals to prepare. I am going to trust him on that one…:) The Tilapia was pan fried and it was absolutely delicious. The black bean cilantro-chile salsa was the star of the meal. It had a great spice and freshness to it. It is certainly something that can be used along with chicken or fish and makes any meal complete. I have to admit I had two servings of it…I just couldn’t help it. It was definitely one of my favorite healthy dinners.This meal ranks very high on my weekly menu options and will be one to repeat soon. A truly delicious feast for a Sunday dinner…


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