Hurricane Espresso and…

In preparation for hurricane Isaac, Kiki and I headed to Target to get some supplies and to get ready for a hurricane party this weekend. We used to have a box with all the supplies – batteries, food, water, charcoal, first aid kit, doggy food, etc. ready to go. But over time, we kept pulling stuff out and the box now holds one bottle of water, and a few items in the first aid kit. With the newest addition to our family I figured we better be ready and add a few of Kiki’s emergency food items.  I have a feeling everyone else had the same thing in mind because when we got to Target there was NO water left…I repeat NO water left. So the Chef is off to look for water and espresso beans, you know – priorities! 

After our little shopping excursion, we came home to a lovely dinner and a glass of vino [vino for me, of course]. 

The Chef was on a mission tonight to clean out the refrigerator so he put together cheese tortellini, peas, sauteed spinach, chopped tomato, a little bit of butter, grated lemon zest and lemon juice, a pinch of salt and black pepper and voila, dinner is served. 

I am not a big fan of cooked tomatoes, so this could have been much better if it wasn’t for tomatoes. Not sure what is it about the taste of cooked tomatoes that just doesn’t agree with me, which is so odd since I love tomato pasta sauce and fresh tomatoes. 

I had a really good night of sleep last night, so tonight I am giving myself a TV night, after all it is the Suits night and big decisions will be made. Are you watching?


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