I am back…6 months review, sort off….

Well. It’s hard to know where to start. I’m tempted to just jump right in, and write, about the the Tastecasting event I attended (shamefully admitting in October), an early Thanksgiving with the in-laws, the vegetarian days while chef is out of town, impromptu Dinning Divas dinner, the all consuming day job – food show, holidays in France or Christmas in Croatia but first things first. I owe you an apology as I promised to only take time off for 90 days to completely dedicate myself to the food show, and somehow ended up being gone for over 6 months.I am also not kidding around when I say this: I’m ready to get back to my lil’ blog…it gives me joy, happiness and most of all an utter satisfaction.So where have I been you ask….In my “real” life, I organize trade shows, and my most favorite one is the Americas Food & Beverage Show and Conference that takes place in Miami every year between September and November. This year was the most challenging year as we were dealing with recession, minimal staff and lofty goals, but the show was AMAZING…..great reviews, great results and well worth the hard work, long hours but now we begin the process all over again.Somewhere along the way in the last six months another big and I am talking about BIG change occurred. Not sure how, not sure why, but suddenly I really started to enjoy being in the kitchen and making things happen. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I am still not touching meat, still not cooking complete meals, but I am more willing to be present when chef is cooking. I will make a good sous chef one day. What’s even more surprising, it’s not one of those temporary feelings either, it’s something I am truly enjoying and look forward to doing.Even though I took a break from my own blog, I have been obsessing over others, which in a way prolonged my come-back. There are so many directions that I could take, but for now, I will stick with what I have done in the past – continue writing about my passion – all food related.So take a moment and take a tour of the last six months and join me in the new adventures and troubles awaiting your favorite FauxFoodieGirl!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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