I Cooked, I Conquered, I Made Mess, I Enjoyed My Dinner

I went from the full house to an empty house in a matter of few hours. My parents left, chef is out of town, and suddenly, I am all alone, OK my little sous chef is keeping me company. Yes, I have a sous chef…see this little black fur ball that is Brinkley.Brinkley is my 8 1/2 old cocker spaniel, who is always present in the kitchen and is patiently waiting for anything to fall on the floor and of course, she does all the cleaning (off the floor of course). So the first night alone I had the usual, hummus and stacey chips. I can’t seem to get enough of hummus lately. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between. But tonight, I decided to have a real meal. I was very tempted to pick up something, but with plethora of food in the fridge and the pantry, I decided to cook. Oh horrors, you think.Yes, I made a mess, a lot of mess and realized my kitchen is too small and I need to learn some basic knife skills. If anyone would take a closer look at how the onion or the parsley is chopped up they would seriously throw me out of the kitchen. Yes, I resorted to cutting parsley at the end. So if anyone wants to teach me how to properly use a knife, you know where to find me.With all that food in the house, I made my own version of Greek chicken salad pasta. Of course, except for the feta cheese, I am not sure what else in that salad was Greek themed, but we’ll just leave that for a later discussion.FauxFoodie “Greek” Chicken Salad Pasta1 cup of wheat penne pasta3 tbsp wine vinegardrizzle of olive oil (aren’t you impressed about my use of a word drizzle)3 chopped up tomatoes1/2 red onion, finely choppedfinely chopped parsley (or cut up with scissors in this case)salt and pepperbaby spinachcrumbled feta cheesechickenYou may wonder how this is a cooked meal, but I did turn on the stove to boil pasta, so technically it is. It was quite a process, a lot of chopping, cutting, dicing, whisking, stirring, etc. Basically, you boil some pasta, let it cool off for a few minutes. Than you lay a bed of spinach, cooled of pasta, and add to that tomatoes, onion, chicken, feta, parsley and finish of with a mixture of olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. If you have some olives and cucumbers, those would be a great addition as well. All mixed in, it’s a divine and relatively, for those with good cooking skills, quick dinner.The Greek chicken salad pasta was tangy, light, and creamy (the Vermont Creamery Feta was oh so yummy). It was nutrient dense meal, satisfying and refreshing. I am actually proud of myself for making dinner instead of picking something up. Tonight’s lesson…I am in a serious need of knife skills.P.S. I needed some cheering up so I bought these..peonies are one of my favorite flowers (cala lilies and sunflowers are the other two). They instantly brighten up my day….

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