I Corsini

If you are ever looking for a romantic setting and great Italian food, I Corsini should be your number one choice. Few weeks ago, I went to this fine establishment with a food writer who was visiting the restaurant for the first time and was looking to write a review. An amazing experience as I was looking at the restaurant from completely different perspective. First, I was nervous as I am never sure if I have the right table etiquette, am I ordering the right food choices, are my choices chi-chi enough, am I making the right wine pairings, and on it goes. Once I got over my nervousness, I finally started enjoying the food and the setting. Like I said, the outdoors dinning is the most romantic I have ever been to. A romantic enclave – christmas lights sparkling over the green vines and little pink and white flowers and all together projects pure magic…the only draw back, the garden dinning is right along the Washington Blvd and 5th on South Beach so from time to time, the romance is interrupted by fire engine or car horns, but soon enough you forget where you are and feel like you have walked into magical garden. I barely saw the inside of the restaurant, but from what I remember, it was an elegant and modern open setting with a bar that was happening on a Tuesday night. If my memory serves me right, I believe the restaurant at that point has only been open for few weeks, but kudos to the restaurant executive chef Giuseppe (Beppe) Galazzi, who was an executive chef at Sardinia Restaurant in Miami Beach.Part of our great experience was that our server did not know our mission, which was amazing, and when it comes to service, the restaurant gets 4.5 out of 5. And now the food, I got to say it, if you like past this is your place….amazing home made (on premises) pasta. If you like salads, order two or three and share, because you will truly enjoy the freshness of savory products.In a true Italian dinner style, we ate past first, and it was breath taking. They are all made in-house from flour imported from Italy, and definitely worth going back for: tagliolini with fresh sea urchin imported from Japan; fabulous tortellini stuffed with pumpkin and sauteed in butter, sage and pistachios and wide ribbons of supple pappardelle topped with a deep, earthy, unmistakably North Italian slowly braised wild boar ragout, among others. We ordered three different salads that evening, and the one that I would want to eat again was a well-seasoned Caprese which rich with ripe, juicy tomatoes and Mozarella di Buffala drizzled with pesto, a pungent olive oil from the Abruzzi and balsamic vinegar. My recommendation is that if you really like pastas and want some refreshing starters, this salad is your choice as one can easily make it a whole meal from it.Since it was tasting night, we decided to order the main entree, even though we were all satisfied and full from past and salads, we chose a mixed grill with steak, lamb chop, grilled chicken, sausage and stuffed tomato with chopped meat. Other than the lamb chop which was well-cooked and tasty, everything else on the wooden tray it is served on, was dry and overcooked and just not breath taking like our previous choices.What would a dinner be without a dessert…so we decided to order chef’s favorite – a spicy red pepper chocolate mousse that was a true surprise at the end…perhaps too much as all you need is one bite to feel the magic, but it is a true volcano and certainly don’t leave the restaurant without trying it. I would certainly return to I Corsini for the wonderfully romantic outdoor garden, outstanding pastas, refreshing salads as well as some of the regional specialties which give a taste of regional Italy in the heart of South Beach.


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  • Larry
    April 16, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Hey there! Enjoyed your post! I was one of the fortunate 10 people who attended Kathleen Flinn’s food writing “boot camp” in Seattle a couple weeks ago. She’s the author of “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry,” which I recommend highly. http://kathleenflinn.com. Anyway – we spent a lot of time on restaurant reviewing, and you really hit a lot of it very closely with your review. Well done! And you never tell them you’re reviewing them, so you acted correctly! Keep it up – good stuff!


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