I have found my love for coffee, again

It’s hard to believe that a die-hard coffee lover like me could ever stop drinking coffee. But during the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy, I could not taste, smell, enjoy or even see my favorite non-fat latte. It didn’t taste right, it made me nauseous, it smelled weird, a bad experience over all. So in the mean time, I became a tea drinker!All of a sudden, somewhere around Christmas, one morning I found myself in a Starbucks store and ordered a tall non-fat latte. I savored every sip of it. Immediately, I called my chef and told him that I just had the most amazing cup of coffee. His initial reaction, oh boy, the obsession is back!!!!!SO since than, I have enjoyed a cup of tall non-fat latte every day and it’s been my favorite time of the day. The good old times are back….and if it wasn’t for the darn heart burn, I would be feeling like million bucks!(Photo S0urce)

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