I Hit the Jack Pot

Wow, did I hit a jack-pot today….. Nope, I didn’t win lottery, but I did score amazing deals at Target, better yet Missoni for Target. I guess third time is a charm!!!

You see, when Missoni for Target collection came out, I was on a business trip and was not able to get to Target and the website was down so I couldn’t get anything. Than about a month later, I was walking by the baby sales racks and found some really cute stuff, and of course Kiki had to have some designer wear. By some luck, today I read on Twitter that Missoni for Target was having an online sale, so I immediately jumped on it and scored BIG, real BIG….

And on top of the already existing discounts, I found a 10% off coupon and free shipping – now you probably agree that I hit a jack pot πŸ™‚
My jack-pot included a twin set (which I will wear separately of course), long sweater, cardigan, umbrella, scarf and an ottoman for my new home office. I can’t wait for it all to arrive next week.
This “little” purchase made my Friday an amazing Friday. I guess good things really do happen to those that wait!!!! Off to do some “Pinteresting! You can follow me here….

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