I won, I won…Uncle Sam”s

I always complain how I don’t win anything (prizes, giveaways, lottery). But usually I don’t participate in giveaways or play lottery, and the chef keeps telling me if I don’t play, I won’t win. Well, he is right. Recently I started reading Kath Eats blog, which is really awesome if you are looking to get healthy (notice I didn’t say thin) and I saw a giveaway for Uncle Sam’s cereal and decided to take a plunge and leave a comment to try to win…guess what, I WON!!!!I won two boxes of Uncle Sam cereal and the boxes arrived few days ago and I am already loving it. My palate has not yet developed to eat just the cereal, but if I mix it with oatmeal or other cereal or in yogurt, it is PERFECTLY delicious. Off to enjoy my Uncle Sam’s…thank you Kath….

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