If I could bottle up today

If I could only bottle up today or better yet freeze the moment. Today was perfect! I had such a great time with my baby. I couldn’t have asked for a better time spent on Saturday. So what did we do to make it so perfect… well, of course what girls do best – sleeping, shopping, playing, reading, cuddling – overall a lot of mommy and baby time! Most of all today was perfect because I spent the whole day with my little perfection – everything she did today just made my day that much better – the hand holding while riding in her stroller, napping with me, cuddling, open mouth baby kisses, clapping when I finished singing songs, reading with me – it’s really everything. I can’t pin-point only one thing that she did that was perfect – it’s really time spent with her no matter what I did is what made it so perfect. 
Today I decided to enjoy the moment and barely took any pictures. It’s OK though! I will remember today forever – as I will treasure and cherish every moment of today. 
Kiki gave me the best gift and slept in till 7:40am. Once she was up I realized I just slept 9 hours – wowza…that was almost too much sleep;) Once she was up, I brought her over to our bed and she drank her morning bottle while cuddling – probably my favorite thing about mornings. Sometimes at night I walk into her room and can’t wait for that moment in the morning when she wakes up and cuddles up to me and drinks her milk – sweetest moment ever.
We took the sous-chef out for a walk, came home and got ready to head out to the mall and do a little shopping. A shopped we did….but before all the shopping began we fueled up, Kiki with yogurt/blueberry muffin and egg/ham sandwich and latte for me. While we enjoyed our breakfast, Kiki entertained everyone that passed by – she waived and greeted everyone and she was not a happy camper if they didn’t wave back. I think we might have a little social butterfly on our hands. 
After our breakfast, we shopped for a few hours, Kiki took two naps – which is probably why we were able to be there for hours and when we came home, we both crashed for an hour. What can I say, shopping is exhausting!
After our power nap, we played, and played and played! 

Our living room went from this

to this

While I was sitting right next to her, she asked to come to my lap (well that really means – sat her self in my lap), brought a book and we read together for about 15 minutes, and than she was off chasing the sous-chef around the living room. The sous-chef escaped to the second floor, and she proceeded to attack poor Elmo. 

That was my queue it was bed time. It took her about 15 minutes to fall asleep! It must be exhausting playing so much!
After she was down, I made dinner – the most refreshing, fulfilling, healthy salad. I cooked wheat quinoa, and combined it with diced red and orange pepper, cucumber, red onion, spicy black bean burger, goat cheese and some olive oil and salt. Perfect summer salad. I think I could eat this salad every day. I think I just might since I have enough of it pre-chopped and ready to go for next five days! And you should make some too, trust me you won’t regret it.

And now I am off to read this book – yup, I am joiner so I will probably stay up most of the night reading it! Hope I won’t regret it tomorrow 😉 Hope you had a great, if not perfect Saturday!



  • semplicemente ... j
    April 8, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    There are so many days to bottle up … moments to treasure … the good thing is that they never stop (along with those oh not so bottle moments of "teenagedom" )

    As I prepare myself to see my oldest graduate and go off to college … I loved reading your post … such beautiful moments to keep near and dear in our hearts and minds.

    Have a great day!

  • Kat
    April 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    I just LOVE days like that – when it seems like nothing "special" is going on but you have just about the best and most perfect day in the world. I correlate it to the number of meltdowns 🙂 She's growing up so quickly!

    Oh and I LOVE baby open mouth kisses. SO FUNNY! P started doing this thing now when I hold her and give her a kiss and then give Jon a kiss, she tries to push our heads together to kiss again. ITS SO CUTE lol


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