the blues, the stripes…it’s Monday Blues!

It’s Monday again… I’ve been feeling all sorts of
blue today, and of course I am already craving a few more hours of lounging in
bed, and….

the blues, the's Monday Blues!

But it’s back to work and getting through another big workweek.

Monday Blues

Since I’m feeling blue, I
figured I’d wear blue and stripe… it’s an easy color to wear and I’ve got a thing for
wearing all one color and stripes.  I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of
it, or the ease in getting dressed, or if the appeal is really just that
it almost never fails!

blue and stripe

Also, my tendency to buy blue and stripes doesn’t end with me –
Kiki has accumulated an equally impressive amount of striped shirts, striped dresses,
striped leggings, all blue!

I know this is not a fashion blog, far far from it….but every time I’m feeling blue, I like to get inspired and shake up my usual “blue” uniform by perusing Pinterest.

I think I know exactly what I will be wearing the next few days…. so simple, effortless, and elegant…just like Mondays should be!

Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue


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