Jet Setting Across the US – Portland Recap I

According to the check-in I am a Jet Setter-yipee…in the last 24 hours I have been in three different time zones, 3 different airports and visited 3 different cities. My latest adventure brings me to Portland, OR. Portland is one of those cities that feeds my soul, recharges my batteries and makes everything in life better, even if it’s 55F and raining. Perhaps it’s all the wine that I have consumed or just plain delirious from the travel. It doesn’t really matter, because it makes me completely alive and appreciative of the life I am living. After being awake for more than 25 hours I woke up this morning to a sweet smell of blueberry scones and cappuccino. Shannon is the epitome of Martha Stewart hostess….peonies on my night stand, Portland’s Best Foodie magazine issue, blueberry scones and cappuccino….I want to wake up to this every morning. We took our time getting out of the house-we watched the ultimate girl movie – GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, but once we did, we managed to do everything that was scheduled for the first day. Our day started with a visit to Rex Hill Vineyards. I loved their slogan: “Tasting. Commitment. Harmony. Quality.”I loved the door/entrance to the tasting room…absolutely breathtaking. The tasting flight was good. I felt in love with the 2006 Rex Hill W.V. Reserve Pinot Noir. The labels are so elegant and classy, just like the winery – all grown up looking. Our next stop was the Dundee Bistro. Same place we ate at last year, but this year we ate inside by the fire, and just to think that last year this time we sat outside, soaking in the sun… We shared Puget Sound Mamilla Clams and a Blue Cheese Burger with truffle fries, of course and some pinot grigio. “The goal of The Dundee Bistro is to define Willamette Valley Cuisine, the presentation of locally produced wines, fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, fish and meats in preparations preserving their complete freshness, excellent quality and natural beauty. The chefs of The Dundee Bistro make every effort to utilize organic products and support dedicated farmers committed to sustainable agricultural practices.” I think this sums it perfectly….I couldn’t have said it better myself.We continued driving down the road, but kept running into bunch of CLOSED signs at different wineries until we finally found the winery that was still open. Welcome to Winter’s Hill Vineyard. This is where I felt in love with the most amazing muscat and rose. I am not a lover of sweet wines, but these were delicious. Just as I was marveling the wine, the owner showed us a box that I could purchase and transport all the wines that I purchase during my trip safely to Florida for only $6…I was a girl on the mission. I ended up only buying a bottle of muscat as I still had two more days and many more wineries to visit. It’s safe to say I filled up the box with no difficulties. Since all the wineries were already closed, we decided to try our chance and see the Sex and the City 2 movie, but before we did that, we did some pre-requisite shopping.And shopped I did…..The movie was nothing short of amazing – the clothes, the decor, the girls. It was like meeting up with old girlfriends and catching up on lost times. We picked up right where we left off two years ago.We finished the night by stopping by at Shannon’s favorite local restaurant – Decarli and shared appetizers and petit shirah. There is nothing better than sharing a bottle of good wine and great food while chatting with a best friend. I wish she didn’t live 3,000 miles away…..Bruschetta – salmon tartare, cerignola olive and preserved lemon relish/balsamic figs, goat cheese, walnut/roasted fingerling potato, gorgonzola and hazelnut ailladeMeatballs – marinara, basil, grana padano and garlic toastIt was a food lovers dream day….and there was certainly more to come.

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