Kale chips and broken tooth

Last week I broke my wisdom tooth and my dentist says I don’t really need it so I should get it extracted. Unfortunately I’ve been taking my time to schedule the extraction and now the pain is getting unbearable. In addition to my broken tooth, my back is giving me difficulties – I am experiencing a lot of muscle spasm and tightness. No I am not being a drama queen, but I am being whiny! I really dislike feeling “off” and I don’t function well like this, so just ignore me.

All of this not feeling well, especially broken tooth has not deterred me from eating. My appetite has never been better 😉 But than again I always have a “healthy” appetite!

The chef is back in town but did not feel like cooking so we had some spicy black bean burgers, sweet potato fries and kale chips. Can you tell it was comfort food night?!?

The black bean burgers were not homemade – we took a short cut and had some Morning Star spicy black bean burgers – still very tasty. They look a little burnt in these photos, but they were really good.

I absolutely love kale chips and every time we make them I wish I make them more often but somehow forget about them. Such a simple recipe too: wash kale and tear to small peaces, heat up oven to 375, drizzle kale chips with some olive oil, salt, pepper and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. I usually bake it for about 12-15 minutes or until edges get crispy golden.

Since there is not much on TV tonight I am off to bed and will be reading my book {I am currently reading BLOOM…it’s such a beautiful book of mother’s unconditional love} and no blogs. I am definitely behind in my blog readings but I have to get back to my regular book reading and it feels really good. 


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