Las Vegas Baby

As you might have noticed it, I’ve been missing in action for a few days and that’s because I was having loads of fun in Las Vegas. I went there for work, but it certainly wasn’t all just work, there was quite a good amount of play involved too. After all, it’s Vegas Baby.

Yes, I actually bought one of these for Kiki. I just couldn’t resists and of course a few other little things. Nowadays, I can’t seem to go anywhere without picking up something for her.

Besides the work, I thought time spent with my colleagues was really productive as I rarely ever see them since we are scattered all over the US. My “play time” involved going to some fancy restaurants, sipping good cocktails, drinking goof wine and shopping. One thing I love about Las Vegas is plethora of amazing stores and phenomenal offering of luxurious goodies.
But before I even left, I packed almost all the magazines I have collected in the last three months (and there were many of them) an brought them with me. I used to be one of those people if the magazine came in mail or I picked it up at the store, I would immediately read it. Nowadays, I am lucky if I glance through it, reading a magazine has become a luxury.
I had all kinds of magazines – food, parenting, healthy living and fashion and I am proud to say I got through them all. The only ones that I brought back with me was the “Cooking Light” magazine. This magazine is just loaded with great recipes and delicious foods. I can’t wait to get home to try them out.

On the first day we walked into a restaurant at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel called “Holsteins” and as we were seated, we were asked to acknowledge a waiver for “Cooking Channel” show that was being filmed, unfortunately, I do not think we got on camera which was disappointing, but the food was awesome. I had a Main Lobster Roll with shoe string fries and aside of cabbage salad. It was delicious.

After we spent a whole day freezing in the seminars, we decided to warm up with some cocktails at the Sugar Factory, probably the best discovery of this trip. The Sugar Factory is a sweet-lovers’ dream filled with delectable treats, scrumptious chocolates, and an incredible array of selections.

The most fun decor I’ve seen in a restaurant in a long time – so bright and so fun!

I was so taken by the design and the look of the store/restaurant/bar – very whimsical, sweet and yummy.

I was in the mood for something sweet, so I decided on ALMOND JOY. It was like eating the real Almond Joy candy infused with vodka, a lot of vodka. If you like chocolate and coconut, this is your drink – absolutely divine.

Following our “warming up” drinks, we went to dinner at Michael Mina’s restaurant at the Bellagio.

We started off with great appetizers – heirloom beet salad, main lobster tortellini, and truffle risotto butternut squash with shaved truffle – if it wasn’t as fancy restaurant as it was I would have licked the plates – they were so delicious!

Since we were still a little hungry, we decided to share two main courses – phyllo crusted sole and truffled stuffed jidori chicken with savoy cabbage foie gras rice

Of course no dinner would have been completed without a good dessert

Since everything we have been enjoying has been on the heavy side, the next day I was desperately craving greens. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to eat al fresco, we decided to have a lunch at the “Sugar Factory”. I didn’t even bother looking at the menu past salads and decided on the Cobb salad. It was a deconstructed Cobb salad, very rich on greens and very little of anything else. All the ingredients were very fresh, but I wished there was a little bit more of avocado and eggs and there were no tomatoes, well there were dry roasted ones, but…oh well. I won’t complain, it was very fresh and very green, exactly what I wanted.

Shortly after very crunchy and green lunch, I boarded the plane and flew to L.A. for my layover before heading home. I’ve never been to the LAX before, and I got to admit, I was not impressed at all. So after a few hours at a very boring airport, I finally boarded my red eye and arrived home just as Kiki was waking up. Best thing about coming home was getting hugs an kisses from my little munchkin! Snuggling with her is priceless…Totally worth it being late for work!


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  • Kat
    March 20, 2012 at 2:01 am

    omg Las Vegas food has to be one of the most amazing things ever! My bffs and I did a girls tip there a couple of years ago and YOU HAVE to check out La Rue (if you like sushi) and the Hash House. TO DIE FOR!


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