The latest obsession

Argh – like I haven’t been spending enough money in Starbucks…I found the latest tastiest, most delicious morning treat (really I can eat it any time of the day) – Top Pot Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnut Hello – what is wrong with me…I wouldn’t dare to buy it in Dunkin Doughnut, but somehow buying it in Starbucks it has no calories – who am I kidding here.I should just stick with my usual venti non-fat latte, which by the way has 170 calories and make it a day, but oh no, I have to push it and order the darn doughnut. But It is delicious, and it feels like it melts in my mouth and it really gets my day going the right way. Maybe, instead of getting it EVERY DAY, I should just designate Friday’s as a special day and treat myself… I will keep you posted and let you know how that goes.Cheers, enjoy the Venti-Non-Fat-Latte πŸ™‚

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