Let the Celebrations Begin!!!!!

Do you know what April means? No, not the April Fools Day or the Tax Day or the April showers, but MY birthday. Coincidentally, I share my birthday month with 13 other family members and friends, but somehow I still manage to make it my month. Yes, you read it correctly, my birthday month. Oh people, if you haven’t figured out by now that this blog is about ME….you should probably stop reading about now….Ever since I can remember I always loved celebrating my birthday and the older I get the more I enjoy it. Birth marks a new beginning, and so with every birthday I feel as though I have a chance of a new beginning. It’s a new window to the chance of a lifetime. I guess, birthdays are for me what New Year and New Year Resolutions are for others.The most magical moment of birthday celebration is when I close my eyes, make a wish and blow the candles. In that split second the future or at least the next year magically appears in front of me and all is good. My heart is warm. I know I will have another extraordinary year full of great experiences. The more candles I have to blow out, the longer I can feel what the future holds for me…or at least hope. Birthdays are truly magical. My birthdays are all about ice-cream, joy, chocolate cakes, happiness, champagne, hope, colorful candles, birthday cards, and most of all love. But let’s not forget presents…I love, love, love presents. Ah the more, the merrier, and the smaller the box, the better the gift. And yes, I am spoiled, and I can only thank the chef for that because he gives me a present every week of the birthday month though he complains that it is called a birthDAY for a reason and not a birthMONTH, … oh well, I keep on celebrating.On those milestone birthdays, like 25 and 30, I received a blue box and a red box, but this year started off with a a flash back to my teenage years – a black box – CONVERSE original sneakers…I felt like I am 16 again. What would a birthday celebration be without a little bit of chocolate. But this time, it was a lot of chocolate – a double fudge chocolate cupcake. This cupcake was so dense, even I couldn’t finish it, but now I can savor it for the rest of the week. Tiny little pleasures – Yum!!! I have no idea what he has planned for the rest of the month (considering we won’t see each other until the wee end of the month), but even though this is no milestone birthday, it will be a big one. For the first time in 15 years, my mom and dad will be with me and of all places, we will be in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Being with la familia is really the best gift of all. So what will I wish this year when I blow out the candles – it’s simple – LOVE, LAUGHTER and HAPPINESS. I have everything I have ever wanted and more…..happy birthday MONTH to me….And now I am off to eat some more of that deliciously sweet cupcake!

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  • Joan Nova
    April 12, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    Happy birthday — and have a great reunion vacation with your folks.


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