Lobster Night

We don’t entertain much. But on those rare occasions when we do, we make it very complicated, it takes hours of preparations and long days. But today we decided to do something simple and really enjoy our time with friends. We had a few lobsters and what better way to enjoy it than with good friends. Couple of months ago I found a lobster risotto recipe on this great I also cut up couple of peppers to dip with roasted red pepper hummus and some Stacey Pita Chips. This is probably my all time favorite appetizer. So the lobsters….what can I say, they look so ugly, but they are so delicious when made right. They say, never judge a book by its cover, and this one is certainly true…they look terrible, they smell terrible (at least to me right now), but they are so yummy.The chef used arborio rice, green peas, chicken stock and some parmesan. It was supposed to also have onions and chives, but somehow they got omitted. I loved the creamy rice. If I could, I would eat this type of rice all the time. I am not sure how to write and incorporate all three recipes, so if you would like to make this, go with the one from It was a great night – good conversations, simple/yummy food and a great dessert (oops, no pics of brownies but they were delicious, you should definitely trust me on this one). Maybe we are not so bad about entertaining after all, and something we should definitely do more often…..So who wants to come over next?

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