The love affair ends, we are breaking up

Well, the day has come, I am ending my love affair with Starbucks, we are officially breaking up on June 19th. As you may remember some time ago, actually not that long ago, “my” Starbucks announced closing of the store on Pines Blvd and Hiatus. A whole community got behind the store and did everything in our power to prevent the closing, but unfortunately, “the store is closing” sign is up and the door of my “home” are closing in a week. I have fought strong and hard, but have lost this battle…I know it’s only one Starbucks cafe that is closing, and that there are 3 others close by available, but none of them are on my way to work, I don’t like drive-through and I don’t want to go inside of Target to get a cup of coffee…and really, it’s the people that made this Starbucks so special. So what do I do now????Well, there are other options out there – McCafe, Dunkin Donuts, The Coffee Bean and home made

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