Lucky and Delicious

Pinch me, because I think I am dreaming! This was lunch today…in the office, cool, no?!? So in addition to visiting the vineyards, we started having “family” lunches. Instead of each one of us bringing lunch every day – we cook a meal and eat together. Of course, today was a special day that called for some Prosecco. The special occasion was the European soccer cup game – Italy vs Germany…lucky for us, Italy won. So we celebrated!

Today for lunch we had broiled flank steak, spinach/cranberries/feta salad, and baked brie cheese with cranberry jelly. What a treat!!!!

Shortly after lunch it got really hot in our office. We thought it was all that baking, but it turned out our AC broke down. The problem was that today was the sunniest day in the last 10 days and our office is completely surrounded in windows. Ay, heat!!! I felt as though I was baking. I am hoping tomorrow when I get in there that will not be a case and we will be back to business as usual!

After my Zumba class tonight, which by the way was total disappointment – Tuesday’s class was so much better, I came home, and was thinking of making something to eat. Unfortunately, I was not creative as chef was last night, so I ended up having some Greek Frozen Yogurt. Yum! Probably not the most nutritious choice, but most delicious/sweetest for sure. 

Just a random fact about me – I have never had a strawberry short cake, until one night well into my third trimestar I had a dream about having some, when later that day I went to my friend’s BBQ and when dessert time came around, her mom brought out a strawberry shortcake. Imagine how surreal that moment was… I do have to admit, I am fan. I am not the one to buy anything but vanilla ice-cream, but I couldn’t resist this greek frozen yogurt treat and it was just like I was eating the cake. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should – it’s so refreshing and perfect for summer nights!

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