Lunch at My Desk

I pack my lunch every day for work for various reasons – there is no where decent to eat at the Port, it takes 20 min to get on and off the port, finding parking downtown is ridiculous, trying not to spend money since I buy Starbucks every morning and last but not least, I make healthier choices if I bring it myself. So today, I had a sandwich on multi-grain bread from the Fresh Market (which was on sale this weekend for $3.59 instead of $4.70), with organic guacamole, green peppers, tomato and turkey, veggie chips (the red pepper is my favorite) and the mini low-fat baby bell and of course water. I try to drink 3 to 4 bottles of water – it’s my running 20oz bottle and than I mix in some green tea for the drive home. Around 2pm, I always crave some chocolate. I bring a small piece of milk chocolate to satisfy my cravings, or otherwise I would probably attack the vending machine in the building as I have done it in the past (all due to stress eating around show time). Today’s lunch was probably one of the better ones and the only difference was the guacamole instead of mustard or butter and it proves to have been a great choice. I don’t know my limits with guacamole but I was being very good and only used a spoonful. It was perfectly creamy and complementary to other foods in the sandwich. Guacamole is definitely going on my “must have” in the sandwich list.

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  • CatsLoveChoc
    June 6, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    wow I love chocolate!
    could you send that chocolate to my house?haha


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