Magic Shell

Almost 10 years ago I made a discovery in the grocery store in the ice-cream aisle – Magic Shell. Chef and I just moved-in and he went to visit his family in PA and I stayed home to decorate the house and get settled-in. Until the first evening, I wasn’t really thinking about dinners or any meals, until I went to the grocery store and realized that there is no point in buying groceries as I wouldn’t know what to do with them so I proceeded to the ice-cream aisle and picked-up my favorite vanilla bean flavored ice-cream and was looking for an appropriate topping when I saw it – the MAGIC SHELL…Not thinking much about it, it looked like good chocolate topping I took it home and settled on the couch with a box of ice-cream (BTW I do not like eating ice-cream from the bowl), magic shell and large spoon. I proceeded to put some of my topping over the ice-cream when I realized that it hardens into a crispy shell within seconds and once I tasted, I felt MAGIC. Suddenly the flavor of chocolate has taken over and from that moment on I was eating MAGIC SHELL with some ice-cream. I tried using the magic shell on other foods, but soon discovered that it really only works and releases the magic when poured onto ice=cream. During my little sweet research I found out that The “shell” effect in Magic Shell is due to the presence of coconut oil and sunflower oil, both of which are highly saturated, which produces a chocolate mixture which is solid at higher temperatures than would otherwise be the case. I love, love chocolate, but the best thing about MAGIC SHELL is crunchiness, the thick layer of chocolate on the cold ice-cream, the way ice-creams melts under the chocolate and together it is music to my mouth…simply delicious. On those special nights I skip dinner and have my favorite treat and every time I taste it I remember the first time I had it and how much I enjoy it. I guess it is the power of MAGIC SHELL.

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