“Make Life Sweeter, Eat Dessert First”

While eating my breakfast this morning, I was catching up on some google reader and one of my favorite blogs So instead of having cocktails or appetizers or dinner, we embarked on a dessert tasting around town. We met up at Michael’s Genuine, as we all know that Hedy Goldsmith is “the” pastry chef in town whose work is not to be missed. Without even looking at the menu, I knew I wanted to have the chocolate cremoso. There is something so divine about this dessert. Who would have thought of putting together olive oil, sea salts, chocolate, espresso and a crostini together???? I guess it’s all the unexpected combinations that make this dessert an amazing treat. The sweetness of chocolate is perfectly complemented by bitterness of espresso parfait with some sea salts. So here is what we tasted tonight:Chocolate Cremoso with sea salt, olive oil, sourdough crostini and espresso parfaitOrganic Maple Flan with gingersnap ice cream sandwich and roasted forelle pear (I absolutely loved the gingersnap ice cream)Tangerine Creamsicle Pot de Creme with cara cara orange confit and hot doughnuts (this was so filling, I thought I was eating breakfast, but the flavors were amazing – tangy, sweet and refreshing)This whole new concept of “dessert hour” is definitely something I could get used to. I would love to just go to a patisserie and meet a friend for a some delicious dessert and good talk. There is nothing better than enjoying some sweets at the end of a busy day, actually any time of a day….indulge and escape to the world of desserts. Ah so heavenly!!!!

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