Manic Monday

After a really nice weekend, I have a crazy week ahead of me, but than again who doesn’t. There is so much going on right now – a complete chaos. I am looking for inner peace and to get there I really need outer order. It seems so trivial, but clutter and disorganized space drive me crazy and I can’t move on with my thoughts if the space around me is in chaos.

Well, this morning I walked in to my office and started cleaning, organizing, filing, labeling, creating multiple to-do lists for various projects, getting rid of hundreds of posted notes. I even dusted. My next project – cleaning out my email INBOX. I have a feeling this will take a lot more than an hour, but it’s much needed. Any lingering email is usually a sign of an unfinished project which really makes me uncomfortable. So if you don’t hear from me, I am lost in my email inbox…

I am hoping that by getting this Monday started of on a good foot {read: organized} will bring inner peace.

Q: How do you create an inner peace? Do you work in chaos, organized chaos or superbly organized space?

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