Meatless Monday

My mom and dad are in town and I am extremely happy and busy, what can I say I am a busy bee these days. But in the midst of all the craziness, I couldn’t resist posting this recipe…this is my childhood favorite and who would have thought the family of carnivores ate vegetarian meals at least once a week. No wonder I love my vegetarian nights!
Before my parents even landed, I knew I wanted to have breaded spinach patties. These are the best vegetarian patties I have ever had! Pure deliciousness…

My mom usually serves the veggie patties with tomato sauce and mashed potatoes. This is an ultimate comfort food. I’ve been feeling so much stress lately, that this was a perfect “Meatless Monday” comfort.

The breaded spinach patties are so delicious…you must try them. As far as I understand, the preparation process takes awhile, but the end result is well worth it. I believe my mom cooks the spinach, than cuts it in tiny pieces, mixes in some bread crumbs, salt, pepper and an egg to hold it all together. Once you make the patties you put them in the heated pan and cook on high (I will check the heat and get back to you on that one) until golden. To take away some of the excess oil, she places them on the paper towel, and once they cool off a little bit, they are ready to be served.

I am always hoping for some leftovers, that is yet to happen… it’s that good!!!! 

I am off to spend some more quality time with the family and think about all the other meals that I want to eat while the parents are in town….yum, yum, yum!

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  • Anonymous
    January 5, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Since our country is fighting obesity, I am very impressed that you are trying to make something happen. I respect your decision ,but i do not agree with your choice. I realize you want to lose weight but this is not the healthiest route. Studies show that to lose weight and still be healthy you need protein in your diet. Lean beef with healthy vegetables and daily exercise you will begin to lose weight and still remain healthy. I am a beef producer, but i do care about this issue. I can relate to this because my sister is veagan,but she relizes that todays cattlemen are changing the way we raise cattle without hormones or having any affect on our health and the enviroment. I would just like to inform you that lean beef is healthy and safe.


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