Meatless Monday

It’s already another Monday…The time is really flying by. It’s even more obvious when you have a child and suddenly this child is 16 weeks old – yikeess. How do I slow down the time? I guess there is no way to do that, but only to enjoy and savour every moment. Make every moment count!!! Live in the moment! My daily mantras, among many others!

So for the past two months we’ve been following the “Meatless Monday” trend. Secretly I am loving Monday nights just because of the vegetarian option and even more so because the chef is totally into it.

So tonight for the meatless Monday menu, the chef made cheese lasagna and a side salad. The lasagna are not the easiest or the prettiest thing to photograph,  but they were so yummy.

It wasn’t the healthiest vegetarian meal we have had, but it isn’t every day that we indulge in a cheesy treat like this. Everything in moderation, right! Actually it was the perfect kind of meal for a night like tonight – rainy and muggy.
For a good measure – a side salad – a little bit of everything. I made the dressing, and I put a tad too much balsamic vinegar, but it was still good.

Yesterday, I went to our local farmers’ market – Stile market. I bought tons and tons fruits and vegetables for $13.96. This is unreal – why have I waited this long to start buying our produce here!!!! Don’t walk, run to the Stiles Market – it’s worth every penny and quality!!!!

Dessert tonight was a small bowl of figs. I was inspired by this breakfast and it was a nice reminder of this sweet and juicy fruit. For some reason figs always remind of my summers in Filipjakov and my mom. Mom – this dessert was for you!

And this is how we spend our evenings before 3Bs…rolling on a floor – all of us…I just don’t know who is the cutest!!!

Hope you had a good Monday!!! I am off to watch my guilty pleasures – The Lying Game & The Most Eligible Dallas πŸ˜‰

xoxo, The Faux Foodie Girl

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