Michelle Bernstein’s New Book

From the day her restaurant opened, I have been a HUGE, HUGE fan of hers and for awhile, any time someone asked to go out for dinner, I would suggest Michy’s…There is not much on the menu that I don’t like, but I do have my favorites: watercress salad, the famous blue cheese and ham croquetas with fig marmalade(her secret: she spent months in her home kitchen perfecting the recipe and you can tell that it is PERFECT), beats salad, steak and home frittes and of course the bread pudding. If you go back to some of my older posts, you will see that I really like bread pudding, and the first time I have ever had the bread pudding was at Michy’s and since than, there is no better dessert than Michy’s bread pudding. yummie…Actually, the favorite thing about the menu is that everything is available in half and full portions, which makes my decisions so much easier since I always want at least two things. It works like magic! Just recently I found out that she came out with a book and that she did the book reading at the Miami International Book Fair on Sunday, November 16th at 12:30pm, but I missed it. And I am missing the book signing at BOOKS & BOOKS at Bal harbour this Thursday, November 20th if anyone would like to stop by, but the book is on my Christmas list (Hint, hint, to all those looking for a perfect gift for me:)so I will be enjoying it soon, I hope.Browsing the web for new things about Michelle/Michy’s, I stumbled upon this video on the Miami Dish that shows her cooking or really putting together an appetizer:My mouth is already wattering. Such a simple recipe, but so delicious – even I would want to make it, who am I kidding…There is something about Michelle’s cooking that has so many fantastic factors – her food is epitomy of comfort food, basic food, elegant food and trendy (whatever that may be). I love sauces, and that is what I love about her cooking, she strikes a perfect balance of a great taste and healthy choice in her sauces. It’s with certainty that I can say, Michelle Bernstein has arrived, but I think she has been on the top of the food game for a very long time and has amazing accomplishments behind her, and you would think with all these accomplishments she would be the typical celebrity chef (whatever that may be), but she is very down to earth, very sweet, hard working and simple woman, just like her food. Perhaps, her food is a true reflection of her. It’s lunch time, Michy’s is calling my name;)

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