Milestones just keep rolling in…

Our little girl reached another milestone today – rolling over. She succeeded all on her own. She’s been spending more and more time on her side and all of a sudden she rolled over. She is so proud of herself every time she rolls over. Her smile says it all – I DID IT!!! ALL ON MY OWN!!! – or at least that’s what I imagine her saying. Now she just needs to learn that when she rolls over, she can put her head to the left or right side and rest. At the moment she struggles with keeping her head up and not burying it in…we’ll get there. I am not sure who is more proud, me or her – what an accomplishment!

It’s amazing with kids how one they you’re worried they are not doing things other kids are doing and than next morning you wake up and she is doing it all like she’s been doing it forever. All in her own time:)
Tonight I finally persuaded the chef to make grilled salmon. I love salmon. The chef, not so much.  So every three months or so, he gives in and makes some grilled salmon. Today’s teriyaki salmon was extraordinary. It was really a thin piece, but it kept all of its juiciness. Just my kind of salmon.

 For the side dishes, the chef sauteed asparagus and mushrooms, my favorite veggies and jasmine rice. Perfectly balanced meal. Now if only I could learn how to take perfectly balanced photos, all would be good in the world. I was playing with the camera settings and iphoto editing tools – let’s just say I have a lot to learn. The above photo wasn’t to too bad, but the one below is terrible. I have so much to learn…. If you know photography, please teach me – I need help, desperately…. I guess that is obvious.

It’s time to relax…The big decision of the night is – should I watch TV, surf the net or go to bed and read some…maybe I’ll do a little bit of everything.
What do you do to relax in the evenings?
xoxo, The Faux Foodie Girl



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