Miracles Do Happen

Chef hasn’t been feeling himself lately and has stayed out of the kitchen so I took matters into my own hands. I cooked. My mother should really be proud of me right now, but she is probably hoping I was saying these words 15 years ago. Oh well, better late than never.So, on Thursday, right before our Mili-Mali’s doctor appointment I was craving an egg sandwich, and instead of stopping by D&D, I decided to make one myself. My palms were sweating, I was breathing heavy as I realized I have never watched chef make an egg sandwich. Does he crack an egg over the heated pan, what does he do with that egg, oh my, hundreds of questions were going through my head. But I jumped in and did my best.A few minutes later, the egg sandwich a la faux foodie girl was born. it was delicious. Chef, don’t read this part, but it was the BEST egg sandwich I have ever had. It was that much more special, because I actually made it myself. So you wonder what was in it – one egg, cheddar cheese, spinach, a bit of butter and toasted Arnold bread.For some good measure and balance, I had a little bit of fresh squeezed orange juice. Now this is what I call a wholesome breakfast.The doctor’s appointment went really well. Mili-Mali is now 33 weeks. We had an ultrasounddone, both convinced that she is breached when the doctor said she is ready – in a perfect position. So this whole time the chef thought he’s been talking to her head, it’s really been her butt πŸ˜‰ The good news is, she will probably not turn around (keep your fingers crossed), she is in the right position and all is looking good – YIPEE!!!!So miracles didn’t end with breakfast today, but continued on with a dinner. I had a left over breaded chicken so I decided to make pearl tricolor quinuoa and sauteed spinach. I had some troubles in the kitchen, but chef was close by to follow my progress and assist where needed. At one point I was told I am ruining his pots and pans,but that didn’t stop me. My dinner was a little bland, but I was so proud of it – I made it. That’s all that mattered.


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