Mission: Cleaning out the Refrigerator

I am on a mission to clean out our refrigerator before the holidays. This is the perfect time to get everything used up, cleaned up and get it ready for all those delicious holiday foods. So might have guessed, the meatless monday wasn’t happening today.
We had some Al Fresco chicken basil sausages, peas and rice, so the chef made his favorite – chicken fried rice. Who am I kidding, this is fast becoming my favorite too. 

It is such a quick, throw in everything type of meal, and it appears to be easy to make. Or so the chef makes it look easy to make. 

My favorite part of this meal is the fried egg…gosh, I think this is the sole reason why this is becoming my favorite food. I just love the chunks of the fried eggs – absolutely delic!!
I’ve been trying to get better at capturing those special “moments”, which means carrying my camera with me at all times to the point that I am always sticking the lenses in your face – not sure what the family thinks of it yet, but you got to admit these photos are good and if I didn’t have it on me, we would have never captured these precious moments.

The Loves of my Life!


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