Mondays are new date nights – da Campo Osteria

Third time is a charm – we finally made it to the We went to the da Campo Osteria last year for our wedding anniversary and loved it. As soon as we got there, we were seated at a really nice booth with water views. I was surprised how busy the restaurant was for a Monday night – it was happening!As soon as we were seated, our waiter brought us some delicious home made bread. I could have easily had more, but I knew I was having pasta so I held off…We started dinner with a serving of friend calamari. The calamari were good, but the winner was the tomato sauce. It was so creamy with a hint of wine and citrus – I loved it!!!For the entree, I chose spaghetti and jumbo meatball. Oh my!!! This was!!!! The gooey parmesan and the tomato sauce were just amazing.I ate about a 2/3 of the jumbo meatball – it was a perfect combo of veal, pork and beef. But what really surprised me were the spaghetti. They were excellent – a little thicker and done as the chef would say “perfectly Al dente”.I asked for the dessert menu, but I was too full to even concentrate to read it. Dinner was fantastic! I wasn’t expecting anything less because I remember the last time we were there we had a great meal, but it’s not just the meal, it was the accommodating staff – kudos to Todd English for having such a great team!I had a lovely time on our Monday night date night. It was something different and unusual and we both really enjoyed it. We kept joking all night as this is our pre-baby dinner date as if she was coming tomorrow – but who knows, at this point it could be any day now. I am hoping the date night is something we keep doing even after Mili-Mali’s arrival.


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