Mondays, Mondays

Yup, I know our menu says we were having “Thai Turkey Burgers” on a Meatless Monday, but our weekend schedule got a little off track. The chef marinated the skirt steak for Sunday night, but since we spent the whole Sunday frolicking at our friend’s pool-chilling, eating, swimming and napping no one was hungry for a full meal. So it got “moved” to a Monday.
And let me tell you, it was a wise decision! I wouldn’t have enjoyed it last night. We spent a whole day munching on hummus, Stacey chips, pasta salad, spicy wings, chicken tenders, etc…., and by the time we got home the steak would have been too much. 
So on a Meatless Monday we had grilled home-made marinated skirt steak, wild rice/quinoa and sauteed mushrooms. I asked the chef details about the marinade, but I already forgot. I believe he says it had soy sauce, honey, and something else and something else, but I can’t remember what it was. So perhaps the chef can write the recipe in the comments section. It was flavorful, juicy and tender. Grilled to perfection!
Kiki was very busy destroying the living room, by pulling out ALL her books and throwing them on the floor….
She was very, very busy and everything she required A LOT of concentration!
 The chef whipped up a quick and healthy din- din on Saturday night since we had quite a few leftovers – baked tilapia, wild rice and veggie medley.
Kiki made new a new friend this weekend too!
Don’t they look absolutely adorable together! Who knows what they were “talking” about, but they were going for “hours” until they started pulling hairs and pinching…I guess it’s all part of playing….

It was such a perfect Sunday spent with friends, playing in the pool, sleeping, eating…what more can you ask for!!!! Hope your Sunday was full of fun and memorable moments and some new friends!


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