Montreal Trip

Few weeks ago, I attended a food show called SIAL MONTREAL in Canada and if I had to describe the show (and that is, if you are part of the F&B industry, you will know exactly what i mean) it was Canadian version of the NYC’s FANCY FOOD SHOW – gourmet foodie heaven…The overall impression for the first time attendee that the show was really good in terms of quality buyers, everyone kept saying that it was smaller than in previous years(hello, aren’t we in recession) but to me, it was still done well and at the end of the day, if the quality buyer is there, that’s all that matters. It was two days of sampling different foods from all over the world and all I wanted to do is open a gourmet shop and decorate it with french baskets and fresh flowers, with squeeky floors, and old register, and of I go about my dreams…Part of the charm of this trip was exploring the culinary world of Montreal, which is simoly, incredibly amazing…because of all the sampling I have done on the trade show floor, I limited myself to only dinner and boy was I right to do that. Margaret, a very good friend and colleague of mine was very generous and offered me to share a room with her and we stayed in this awesome little hotel in Old Montreal – St. Sulprice and if I go back, this is definitely place that I want to stay at. The first night out we were meeting some colleagues and ended up going to a smoked meat place, supposedly not to be missed if you are going to Montreal, but the line that was out the door to get a seat, so we decided to walk a block and went to a gourmet pizza place called FORGET located on Paul Street. Yes, italian pizza in Montreal and it was awesome. Thin crust pizza with pruschutto, mushrooms and mozzarella was amazing, salty crust was the best and glass of pinot grigio, just perfect for the evening. The whole place had a feel of the Parisian Cafe and it was just recently written-up in the newspapers so you had to make reservations to get a seat, but since we got there pretty early, it wasn’t a big problem to get us seated. Six girls, great food and wine, just an amazing night :)The second night in Montreal, Margaret and I decided to try out the Haute Cuisine of Montreal and we wanted to stay within Old Montreal and our concierge recommended a place called “It was AMAZING – I want to scream amazing….Started with the entrance door, that were so heavy that we couldn’t even open them and I felt like I should have known the secret knock to be let in, to shoe cubes, and the lighting and furniture, amazing…I guess I don’t know any other word than amazing to describe the ambiance. The lighting is really what did it for me – it was everywhere – ceiling, corners, tables, on the bar, behind the bar, floor lanterns, but it really set the mood for a great restaurant.Menu was very short, 5 appetizers and 5 entrees and it was all in French, and when our waiter saw that we were struggling, he brought us an English Menu – thank you for supporting our ignorance, but we tried and that’s what matters. Our concierge suggested this restaurant as it is famous for not having any freezers and all the food is fresh brought in that day – now that is service.Our choices for the evening were: Chasse et Peche (surf and turf – freshly caught lobster and filet mignon) Arrivage marin, poireau, orange cara cara, amandes (ocean delivery was cod, leek, cara cara orange, almonds). For desert that we shared was BOMBE – caramel tart, 70% chocolate sorbet and dark chocolate drizzled on the plate with some salt – PERFECTION. It was really an amazing meal and we truly enjoyed every bite of it. Another place that is definitely being added to MUST VISIT AGAIN and if you ever find your self in Montreal, make sure you go there. The secret knock on the door: TUMP, TUMP, Yummy πŸ™‚


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