My Firsts

Today marks some of my firsts… I woke up this morning and decided to leave Mili-Mali with the chef and embark on my first run in 10 1/2 months. I was slow, very slow, but I felt amazing while running and after.  It’s been so long since the last time I ran that I wasn’t sure if I will know how to, but just like riding a bike, once you learn something you never forget. 
I have a goal in mind – 5K for 4th of July and I would like to finish within 35 minutes – wish me luck!!!
Today also marks my first day back to work. I am excited and nervous. Suddenly leaving Mili-Mali with someone else feels so strange. But I miss work, well money making work, because being with Mili-Mali at home is certainly work – a lot of HARD work.  I often wonder could I be stay at home mom but i don’t think that is for me.
So off I go to reconnect with my emails, to-do lists, projects and coworkers – it feels as a first day of school and I have picked my outfit just right!!!
xoxo, The Faux Foodie Girl
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