my life is spinning out of control

It’s been a little crazy with all the changes in the Faux Foodie casa. Or as the saying goes “my life is spinning out of control” but, a spoonful of dark chocolate dreams, makes it all worth while living. One of the major changes in the FF life is the work life – read: new office location – new job – new responsibilities. I have joined the world of “Working from Home” peeps and this is my office. Tropical paradise completely inspires my creativity and I am loving it. The only downfall, well, there is none….I am doing exactly what I have been dreaming of doing for a very long time. The happiness that I have been searching for since leaving DC has been found. Welcome to my new life!!!Part of this new life has been eating breakfast at the dinning room table. Not only does chef makes the egg sandwiches for breakfast, he also indulges me in buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, peanut butter, assortment of berries, bananas and almonds. As much as I love the egg sandwich, it’s kind of hard to compete with pancakes…Pure heaven of deliciousness.As you can tell, pancakes are no longer just Sundays breakfast. They are becoming the perfect Wednesday morning treat. With the new work life, I am trying to keep all the meals on the regular schedule. Meaning, I pack my lunches and snacks and try to control myself around Dark Chocolate Dreams. It ain’t easy, I can tell you that much. Lunch today, was an another one of those really good ones….OK, it’s the same thing I ate on Monday, but I didn’t have a picture to show for and now I remembered…Iphone photos are not the clearest, but… Curry chicken and baby spinach on croissant and carrots. Delic!!! Thank you Fresh Market on Flamingo Road.Dinner was a complete refrigerator clean up. There were so many leftovers from the week and since I will be out of town, nothing was spared. My dinner looked very much like kitchen sink salads – all but a kitchen sink, or in this case, all but the refrigerator. The kitchen sink salad consisted of baby spinach, tomatoes, yellow and orange peppers, onions, cucumber, pasta salad, and spinach pancakes, all mixed with Annie’s goddess dressing. What can I say except, it was completely satisfying, tasty and fulfilling. Best thing of all, the refrigerator is empty now. Among many things going on in the Faux Foodie life, I am attending a food blogger conference this weekend in Chicago – Healthy Living Summit. I am not sure how I got lucky to get a ticket to this highly coveted event, but I am going. The bags, camera and laptop are packed. See you from Chicago.Bon Apetit, the Faux Foodie Girl

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